High performance led screen for tv application

Large indoor LED screen about 50 sq. m was installed in TV channel studio. Strict image quality requirements have been met by adapting the LED screen to EKTA ERMAC Ultra control system.

Date: 2018
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Pixel pitch: 4.8 mm
Total screen area: about 50 sq. m

KINDER – brend promo

Thanks to the unique design and functionality of the FrameLED LED screens, EKTA can build the creative LED screens of various shapes and curvatures of the screen surface. That's the way, our premium partner PLATFORMA has presented on the Sofia Square a gigantic LED egg that was a part of the ‘’Kinder’’ New Year's brand campaign.

Date: 2019
Location: Sofiiska Square, Kyiv, Ukraine
Pixel pitch: 6,9 mm.
Total screen area: about 36 sq. m.


EKTA has successfully done the first TV studio project with fine pixel pitch Chip-On-Board LED screen powered by ERMAC Ultra control system developed, produced and installed by EKTA. Outstanding image quality and performance were obtained thankful to especially designed features and functions, implemented in ERMAC Ultra SPU-10 led screen controller.

New Art of DooH – creative outdoor signage – New style for your facade

We presented one of our "Out Of The Box Solutions" for the DOOH area: a kinematic "delicacy" consisting of a movable LED video wall and LED video floor with smooth eye pleasing. Perfect visual result through optimal synchronization of different elements such as LED back wall, kinematic LED front wall, LED video floor and the content changing between these elements.