LED Displays & Floors



Professional series FrameLED designed to address the challenges in the rental business. Minimum weight and thickness of the modules in combination with the ease of assembly enables you to create extraordinary architectural solutions in a short period of time.



Tempered glass interactive LED floor – a multifunctional solution that allows you to create an unforgettable interior design, serves as a unique advertising tool, as well as interactive and learning platform.


EKTA provides the global audio-visual industry with modern high-performance solutions. The company develops and manufactures electronic LED display panels for a large variety of fields including DOOH media, digital signage, branding and advertising, TV industry and staging, sports, and transportation. EKTA’s cross-functional models of LED displays meet the visualization requirements of the most high-demanding commercial projects as well as quality-meets-the-price solutions engineered for industrial facilities.

The LED boards are often used for advertising purposes. This is a full-value platform for the organization of high-tech communication network, allowing diverse and highly-efficient branding & promotion. Due to the innovative technologies, it is possible to broadcast any dynamic full-color content – video, flash animation, computer effects, graphics, text information in multiple combinations and in sound quality, enhancing its rotation many times over and therefore increasing the advertising space considerably. Moreover, the owner of the EKTA LED system can make quick and easy real-time changes in the advertising messages and be certain of total equipment reliability in a live television broadcast. As a result, the customer obtains a convenient tool for raising maximum revenues with the high ROI index.

RGB LED video walls can be the best solution for broadcasting informational content at the railway stations and airports, providing quick real-time changes and easy update thanks to the EKTA breakthrough LED Controller – ERMAC.

For the time being EKTA nurtures innovations and improves its products to hit the extra-demanding stage rentals market. Selected for its exceptional resolution, a wide spectrum of multi-color LED lights, high refresh rate, excellent video equipment compatibility, which are major requirements for use in TV and broadcasting, EKTA’s upgraded LED modules show the best image quality at low brightness and perfect color uniformity throughout the entire screen. Moreover, lightweight and compact construction in combination with outstanding frame strength of EKTA LED modules contributes to quick and easy assembly/disassembly.

The EKTA LED screens stand out for their unsurpassed quality, long service life, reliability, energy-saving characteristics and extra low cost of ownership. The unbeatable brightness of the screen is sufficient for work under the direct sunlight, and high IP65 protection can guarantee safe work in almost any weather conditions.

All the types of EKTA LED screens can be controlled by the advanced ERMAC video processors family. The revolutionary all-in-one device ensures user-friendly management of the displayed content, which can be monitored via the internet.

Every available-for-sale LED screen can be constructed in accordance with the customer’s preferences. The Company offers unlimited architectural possibilities. Lightweight and ultra-thin LED display modules enable creating solutions for any layout and installing them almost anywhere. As a result, clients buy a certified customized LED display board of any size (small, medium, big), shape (flat, curve), mobile or fixed, while retaining super-sharp image quality.

In response to demand, to date, numerous LED displays of any size and pixel pitch are already installed in EU, CIS countries and the Middle East. LED display panel can become a vital aid in helping to stand out among numerous competitors, to light up and refresh the location and to attract more customers to your business.

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