AVL Company, Azerbaijan

Execution date

Since 2010

Project title

LED equipment for rental fleet


  • LED screen iLVM 6C-vp in the total area of 46,7 m²
  • LED screen LVM 9C in the total area of 45,6 m²
  • Glass covers iLVF 32C

Customer reference

The AVL company has been cooperating with EKTA for more than 10 years. During this period, we have purchased high-quality LED equipment, which is now used for technical support of major stage and public events with the top demand to image quality, equipment reliability, and fail-safety.

The experience of using EKTA’s LED equipment showed that the product possesses superb technical characteristics. Maximum brightness of video screens, perfect color rendition, uniform illumination, robust modular design, automatic brightness control, silent operation, and solid IP65 protection are the main criteria for choosing EKTA as a supplier.

Convenient form factor, versatility, and multifunctionality of the equipment allow using it for various applications at international forums, government events, exhibitions, and concerts.

Customer representative (name, job title, contact information)

Liutviiar Aliev
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