The Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems of the Ukraine National Academy of Science (IMMSP NASU)

Execution date


Project title

Hi-end EKTA screens in the session hall of the Ukrainian Parliament


2 LED video screens iLVM 4C-B

Place of installation

Session hall of Verkhovna Rada, Kyiv, Ukraine

Customer reference

In 2011, the ЕКТА Company took part in the modernization of program-technical complex “Rada-3” at the session hall of Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine. The renovation was carried out by replacing the old video display equipment with the new hi-end EKTA LED screens, which, for more than 7 years, have been broadcasting videos, live transmissions, space bridges, interviews with opinion leaders and voters, as well as displaying various content – graphs, diagrams, results of questionnaires and voting.

Ultra-modern EKTA’s LED equipment features excellent technical specifications: high brightness and contrast, seamless modules alignment, perfect color uniformity, wide viewing angle and low power consumption.

Information transfer between the host computer and the video screen is facilitated by EKTA’s trademark secure protocol, developed by EKTA specialists. Therefore data transfer between modules is highly encrypted, preventing extraneous interference in EKTA video-systems. It is especially important in such a crucial and sensitive area of video equipment like the Rada’s voting system.

High quality and reliability of equipment, guarantees of safe information transmission and fast service make EKTA’s video screens the best solution for the government agencies.

Customer representative (name, job title, contact information)

Principal designer, director of “Rada-3” System, director of the Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems
Anatolii Morozov
Tel.: +38 (044) 526-24-97
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